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The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Kundan Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Kundan Jewellery

You know what they say, a woman looks her best when adorned in traditional jewellery! 

The ‘shaadi season’ is upon us and we can hear the wedding bells ringing everywhere! At a time like this, families are tracing their lineage all the way back to heirloom staple jewellery pieces and when I say heirloom staple, all I can think about is an exquisite piece of hand-carved Kundan jewellery piece! Perfected by the artisan culture raging from the Mughal dynasty, Kundan has always had a special place in the Indian heart! After all, Kundan used to be a sterling embodiment of grace and status back in the old age! 

Once a luxury only royals could afford, Kundan in today’s date, however, has a very different ring to it! Gone are the days when you’d have to shell out thousands and lakhs on authentic gold Kundan jewellery sets! Today, artisan designers have distilled down this jewellery type by replicating the same grace and regality, but now you can also find Kundan imitation jewellery, unlike the ancient days. 

Now, as a fellow designer and a Kundan connoisseur myself, I have often been asked this question, “How do I know which Kundan Jewellery to buy?” On most days, I say, “go with what your heart chooses but if I dive deep into the question, there are a lot of intricacies to it that works together to give you the ultimate Kundan jewellery! 

Let me simplify this for you – There are 4 primary factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re shopping wedding jewellery or jewellery for festive occasions! 


Behind every jewellery shopping spree is an outfit that we’ve mentally perfected! Behind every jewellery style is an occasion where we intend to flaunt it! Going by that, shopping Kundan too has a similar ring to it! Are you looking for imitation bridal jewellery online? In that case, This stunning string Kundan choker set in red enamelling and glistening ivory pearls would look perfect on you! However, if you’re gearing up for the festive season, something a little subtle and a little contemporary like our Kundan Kraft set in gold and green enamelling with pearls would look great on you! 

Identifying authenticity 

Since this is the ultimate guide to handpicking your Kundan jewellery, identifying authentic handiwork from fakes become an integral part of the guide. I’m not talking about gold or imitation. I’m talking about the authenticity of the handiwork! For instance, even quality imitation Kundan jewellery will have layers of stones, gold enamelled with intricate joint work completing the Kundan set! Next, we have to look at the raw materials used in the set! I have always believed in concreting the foundation which is why I use nothing but premium raw materials and semi-precious stones! 
Yet another point to keep in mind is the finish! Just take a look at some of the Kundan sets we have here. The Anokhi, Queen Bee, Bleeding Gold- all of them are hand-made and hand-perfected with premiere micron gold polish which keeps these Kundan sets from fading, dulling or dimming! Usually, a certification of authenticity or a renowned jewellery hub would be perfect if you want to purchase authentic Kundan jewellery, be it gold or imitation. 

Finding the Right Nook 

Now that we know what to buy, let’s talk about where to buy it from! Usually if authenticity and quality matter more than price- we would say sniff out a certification. Pure Kundan gold will often have a gold certification for authenticity. However, if you’re looking at diversity, pure gold Kundan pieces may not be the one for you. Gold Kundan jewellery is limited in terms of traditional designs and that’s why you have standalone designers like us who hand-make Kundan masterpieces using our years and years of experience and exposure. Our boutique jewellery collection comes with an affirmation of authenticity and a promise to never let you down! 

Embracing Diversity 

Now who said traditional can’t be fun! When it comes to diversity, Kundan has really outdone itself in terms of jewellery types! For instance, both our Beaded Bauble and Guilded Gold portray excellent Kundan handiwork. Yet they are vastly diverse in terms of jewellery work or style! In fact, Kundan is so well known in terms of traditional jewellery that you can create the perfect bridal ensemble out of it! I’m talking kamar bandhs, baju bandhs, maang tika, nathni, and more! 

Getting crafty with Kundan 

As a jewellery designer, I’ve always tried to break out of my comfort cocoon so that I can experiment with fresh styles and unique designs! This reflects in my boutique jewellery collection which is primarily focused on diversity intertwined with uniqueness- something that can help you steal the spotlight! However, if the wedding bells call for nothing but pure gold, I would definitely suggest keeping a certification by your side and Kundan in your heart!