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Tassel Necklace Trend: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Tassel Necklace Trend: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Fun and flirtatious, Tassel Necklaces are having a big moment this year. Made as one long strand, they are easy to throw on and style, wrap, or wear the way you like. Their versatility, functionality, and stunning style make them the popular choice among modern women.
Tassel necklaces are “loud” statement pieces but feminine enough to pair with pretty much everything. They bring out your charm, sophistication, and class which has been admired for ages.
From gemstones, beads, and crystals to silk thread, tassel necklaces come in a myriad of styles. Let’s delve more into this glamorous trend and how to style it uniquely.
What Is So Great About Tassel Necklaces?
To celebrate our newest addition to accessories for women, we have rounded up 3 reasons that make tassel necklaces a top trend of the season.
Tassel Necklaces Are Versatile
With a tassel necklace in your wardrobe, you can doll up effortlessly while taking your style game to the next level. You can pair it with your casual top, party dress, or even formal wear without giving it a second thought.
Tassel Necklaces Create A Classic Look
If you are all heart at creating a classic statement with a modern twist, a tassel necklace is your answer. This piece of fashion jewellery is a throwback to the 1970’s retro-glam year. 
Tassel Necklaces Comes In A Variety Of Style
Depending on the occasion and your mood, there are different types of tassel necklaces to try out. From beaded pearl necklaces to spectacle chains with patterns, you can rejoice in a wide array of tempting styles.
(Source: Joules By Radhika)
How To Wear Tassel Necklaces In Multiple Ways?
Now that you are already fascinated by the ethereal “Tassel Necklace” trend, let’s look for the different ways to style it.
The Classic Knot For Extra Detail
A style that adds an extra touch of elegance to your look, knot-style tassel necklaces are all the rage. They are good to go with your casual dresses, tops, and business wear. Find them in the collection of Indian jewellery sets to strike a lasting impression wherever you go.
(Source: Joules By Radhika)
Scarf Style For A Stunning Look
The wrap-style tassel necklace is a unique Indian necklace trend. It can be your go-to jewellery piece if your ultimate goal is to stand out from the crowd during festive or special occasions. The result is an elegant and unique look that reflects your passion for fashion.
(Source: Joules By Radhika)

Layered Tassel Necklace
The gorgeous tassel necklace with multi-layers creates a sleek, modern look. The best part is it goes with any style: casual, formal, festive, or party. You can go for a layered beaded necklace to ooze your oomph. 
(Source: Joules By Radhika)
The End?
Tassel necklaces are a perfect blend of sophistication and elegance. Modern fashionistas are all heart at them for their delicate touch and irresistibly feminine vibes. If you, too, wish to add a little something to your outfit, there is no time better than now to make trendy tassel necklaces the treasure trove of your wardrobe.
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Get ready for the trailblazing look of your dreams!