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Valentine’s Day gifting ideas

Every February 14, lot of places across the globe exchange candy, flowers and gifts between loved ones. They express their love and affection for each other by doing so. Among other gifts, the most appreciated and preferred is a gift of jewellery. An estimated 21 percent of people buy jewellery for Valentine’s Day. Nothing shows off your love and makes sure your significant other remembers how you feel quite like a piece of elegantly crafted jewellery. So at Shop jbr we thought of writing a blog before you buy your gift for this Valentine. 

Before heading to your nearby jewellery store or searching online, here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: 

Your budget – Jewellery industry is big from varying options from artificial and non-precious metal, to real and precious jewellery. Price ranges from as little as Rs 100 and can go up by adding few 0’s. So setting a realistic budget becomes important. You don’t have to buy the most expensive piece of jewellery in the store to make your loved one happy. Set a realistic budget before you start shopping for Valentine’s Day. 

Your sweetheart’s style – Every individual has a preferred way to dress up. Since jewellery is a major part of adornment, considering the style of the recipient is important. Some people like wearing bold and statement pieces, where’s some like to keep simple and elegant. If she never wears necklaces, consider getting her bangles or brooch. From festive wear to office wear, you will find lots of options to choose from. Other style considerations include their preferred type of metal, colours of gemstones and whether they likes ornate jewellery or something simple. 

Your relationship – The length and intimacy level of your relationship can narrow your Valentine’s Day jewellery gift ideas. A gift for someone you’ve only been dating a few months is usually significantly different than a gift you would give your significant other after 10 years of marriage. 

After you have considered the above factors, you know what kind of jewellery you want to buy. But before you head to jewellery stores, check the jewellery available online. There are more options to select from with customer friendly policies and timely delivery. So in your busy schedule, buying jewellery online will be more helpful and a non-hassle experience.