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Jewellery has been an important form of adornment for both men and women around as long as history stretches. Before we had precious metals and gemstones, stones, shells and other organic materials were used to adorn people over 30,000 years ago. After the discovery of metals, precious metals were used for jewellery making but costume or fashion jewellery was always a part of any woman’s wardrobe. Costume jewellery may not be authentic gold, silver, or diamonds, but that does not mean the pieces are any less fun to wear. Costume earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings add flair to any look and cost less than the real thing. Created by noteworthy designers, costume jewellery is just as stylish and chic as genuine jewellery and comes in many styles, shades, and designs to complement your entire wardrobe. Pick unforgettable, eye-catching fashion jewellery pieces from some of the most highly rated, fun fashion designers and you can match with your outfit and look stunning. 

Over the past years, costume jewellery has seen a serious resurgence of cheap and chic mega-jewels, from larger-than-life earrings to serious statement necklaces. Let us see how costume jewellery evolved over different periods of history. 

Art Deco period costume jewellery was mostly geometric and symmetrical. The Art Deco movement was an attempt to combine the harshness of mass production with the sensitivity of art and design. It was during this period that Coco Chanel introduced costume jewellery to complete the costume. Long pendants, bangle bracelets, cocktail rings, and elaborate accessory items such as cigarette cases and holders were important pieces of adornment. 

In the Retro period, designers struggled with the art versus mass production dilemma. Natural materials were merged with plastics. Designs were mainly glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. Flowers, bows, and sunburst designs with a Hollywood flair were common. Moonstones, Bakelite, rhinestone, pearl were mainly used with horse motifs, military influence, and ballerinas. Lucite, floral and fun novelty settings in vivid colours such as turquoise, coral, sapphire, ruby and topaz were seen. 

In the Art Modern period following World War II, jewellery designs became more traditional and understated. The big, bold styles of the Retro period went out of style and were replaced by the more tailored techniques. Bold and lavish jewellery was seen in jade, opal, citrine, topaz and rhinestones. Large chunky bracelets and charm bracelets were mainly worn. 
As mankind evolved, with every passing period, so did costume jewellery. Infact costume jewellery designs have a larger canvas because of the use of various materials. We still have fine jewellery, semi- precious jewellery, and of course costume jewellery available to us. Costume jewellery can add the finishing touch and show your fashion sense. Costume Jewellery styles of past years are now becoming very fashionable and many are being reproduced. 

Costume jewellery is “in style, and ” “fashionable,” and a terrific conversation starter. Dress to impress!