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Gold Jewellery Vs Imitation Jewellery – What To Wear?

They say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but let’s bring up the age-old dilemma that every woman of today dabbles in! While we are rushing our way to the top of the career ladder, can we really make indispensable jewels like diamonds and gold, a part of our everyday ensemble? Think late nights and busy prime-time roads! Early morning rushes and constantly losing things amid this hurly-burly! Does gold or diamond really fit in our hectic schedule?  

Now gold is truly an irreplaceable asset that keeps on giving. With prices on the surge, a commodity as precious as diamond or gold could be a noteworthy addition to your heirloom staples. However, given the 2020 trends, it is imitation jewellery that’s scaling the trend charts today and as a designer, I couldn’t have been happier! 

While my love for gold has always been profound, much like other designers, I realized the true potential of a jewellery designer lies in his/her creativity, an aspect that you can hone, when you’re working with imitation jewellery! In fact, imitation jewellery comes with a few benefits that the women of today would definitely love.  

Gold or Artificial? The Age-Old Conundrum 

What’s the bare minimum expectation that you have from your jewellery?  
Wearability? Budget? Diversity?  
Let me help you put an end to this age-old dilemma with 4 main scenarios that can help you figure out which jewellery type will be the best fit for you- 

You Are Divergent 

You have a radiant personality that is further accentuated by the accessories you embrace! Someday, the ethnic roots in you like to explore the traditional side which is when accessories like our Dev Kriti collection in antique gold may fit your festive outfit jut right! Other days, you can be as abstract and contemporary as our Azure Collection. 
As a jewellery aficionado, I have always had a soft spot for striking creativity- something that sets your fine jewellery piece apart from the rest of the crowd. Forget mainstream designs, accessory fanatics like us love unique, fresh designs to flaunt. Maybe this is why imitation jewellery became a part of my everyday life, settling in with contemporary outfit fusions like a puzzle piece. I mean, imagine pairing an asymmetrical kurti and denim look with this ageless Agate and Swarovski crystal choker. 

You are Contemporary Chic 

The fashion-accessory industry has been forever booming. Every other day, there’s a fresh new look you want to embrace. Every other day, the trending winds change direction. Maybe, this is why contemporary-chic imitation jewellery has replaced authentic gold collections. Your style is more expressive in White Pearls, Layering Rings, or even Pearl Diamonds rather than antique-traditional accessories. 

While designing jewellery, that’s the first thing I had to keep in mind. Trends today has had our brides-to-be searching for artificial bridal jewellery online. That spoke to me. It’s not the tradition that we want to hold on to, but the latest trends that we want to explore. Hence, if you’re mesmerized by the modern turn accessories took, imitation or artificial jewellery is what you need to wear. 

You are Vigilant 

The last couple of years, I’ve seen a lot of inquiries about imitation temple jewellery online. That’s not just because the trends kept changing, but mostly because a lot of women preferred safety over anything else. In today’s world, venturing out even for aa temple visit comes with its own set of drawbacks! If you accessorize well, you’ve got the public’s eye but who’s to say you’re absolutely safe from pickpockets and petty thefts on the way to your destinations? An alternative? Protecting your style by replacing gold with gold-plated imitation jewellery that is affordably priced and comes with diversity too. 

For instance, imagine heavily accessorizing your festive/temple visit ensemble with this stunning Pratinidhi imitation polki set? Want something a little more contemporary for your temple visits? The Vines of Pearls studded with shell pearls and imitation polki would fit the bill perfectly! Want to go modern with some light-weight, minimalist-chic style? The Constellation Supreme has never looked better! 

You are Economically Profound 

Do you know how much an authentic Kundan gold set cost? The range starts from 50,000 and may go up to 5,00,000! When everyday ensembles need accessorizing, splurging hefty amounts of authentic gold just doesn’t seem right! But nothing beats the shimmer and charm of a highly polished, dazzle-worthy artificial jewellery set! You get innumerable choices- all within a budget that you find spend-worthy! That’s the beauty of imitation jewellery. However, for the special occasions and festive galas, gold with all its glitter seems like the missing piece that completes your festive look. 

What To Wear? 

When it comes to jewellery, every woman has a unique side they want to implore. Based on your occasion or your personality- accessories that speak to you the most should be an integral part of your ensemble. All we want to conclude with is- you are beautiful, no matter the jewellery type, kind, or style you embrace!