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Immitation jewellery every woman will love!

“Not all that glitters is gold” 

Jewellery has always been a way of expression, rather than just an accessory for adornment! Jewellery, to people like us, is the very ingredient that fuels our passion for aesthetics! From collecting the rarest of designs to spotlighting our personalities through the fine jewels we embrace- we, the women of today, are as unique as the jewellery we wear! So, why dent the financial reservoir trying to tap something so indispensable? We can always resort to an alternative that will without doubt resemble all the glamour gold embodies! 

I am of course, talking about intoxicating imitation jewellery;A personal favourite of women-on-the-go! 

So, what is it that makes imitation jewellery such a darling concept to us? As an inept jewellery designer, here’s what I think- 

You’ll have choices galore 

Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Choices? Needless to say, every woman has an aura of their own that uplifts their persona further. If you can dress according to your personality why not tailor your accessories to do the same? The best part? While customizing gold isn’t a bed of roses, imitation fineries, on the other hand, excel at it! Want your earrings to be as dynamic and distinct as you? This Contrast and Sparkle hydro ruby and pearl drop earrings won’t let you down! Like a touch of tradition to your contemporary party OOTD? The Mughal Grace Meenakari Jhumkas in imitation polki, shell pearls, and gold beads is at your service! In fact, if you want to dive deeper into the world of ethnic fineries, you can even get kundan imitation jewellery that showcases the same splendour at half the price of an authentic kundan piece. 

Safety comes first 

When was the last time you felt safe sporting a splendid gold ornament and venturing out in the public! If you’re not breaking your bank trying to own such a luxe accessory, you are definitely breaking your back trying to protect it! Maybe this is why busy bees like us considered the shift to imitation a boon. Imitation jewellery is not only easy on the wallet but also the safest accessory you can sport! I mean, you can walk out wearing a little razzle-dazzle like this Tri-Gem polki red agate and shell pearl necklace which looks equally amazing yet downright affordable for a piece this elegant! Now isn’t that a win-win for us ladies? 

Let’s talk money 

How about we discuss commerce, the most important tie-breaker when you’re shopping accessories like these. While pure gold sets range from 50,000 to 5,00,000, you can easily bag the trendiest imitation jewellery and that too maybe well under 8000-10000! If we are talking steal deals, this point surely does stand out! In fact, women today are as divergent. From early morning office rushes to catching quick brunches, attending formal meetings and informal dinners- we do have a lot in our plate! At a time like this, a versatile, street-chic yet downright affordable imitation piece can really work wonders for us. 

Simply Evergreen 

While pure gold is all about matte glitters and regalness, imitation on the other hand is spunky and designed to keep up with the concrete jungle lifestyle! We have places to be, outfits to wear, and an imitation piece is just what we need to complete the look. Now when the occasion calls for frequent usage, imitation jewellery really steps up their game! Often made of brass or copper and elegantly veiled in gold, these jewellery pieces are often polished to maintain their shine, glitter, and glamor. This means, not only is imitation evergreen, but also the type of jewellery that adapts with you! 

Let me give you an example, if you’re maybe searching for imitation temple jewellery online, this eclectic Meena Karigari blue agate and grey baroque necklace going on sale is just what you need to pair with your white outfit! On the other hand, if you’re in search of traditional party wear, this Jaded Arrow necklace in imitation polki, rubies and jade carvings could just be the talk of the town! 

Here’s to Keeping It Chic & Charming 

If we’re talking 2020 trends, imitation jewellery has been ruling the market for quite some time now and the likeliness of this trend fading seems too slim! So ladies, if you’re buckling up to serve some serious looks- now is the moment to invest in some head-turning imitation sets!