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Here’s Why Kundan Jewellery Can Never Go Out of Style

Leaving back a timeless legacy of its own- some jewellery collections hit home hard. I mean, imagine how ravishing a bride would look on her big day, looking like a dream, bejewelled in what we call is the very roots of India- traditional jewellery. And when we say traditional Indian jewellery, what fits the description better than gem-encrusted, gold-lined Kundan Jewellery? I’m talking rich hand-embroideries and zari blouses with a jaw-dropping Kundan Kraft pearl & quartz designer set by Joules Now you must have seen a lot of Kundan bridal jewellery sets online, but do you ever wonder why the Indian heart keeps going back to this particular jewellery style? 

Known for its remarkable impact on us Indians, this got me wondering, what is it about this jewellery type that is so irresistible that we can’t seem to get enough of it! Luckily, I’ve probed deep down and come up with 4 rock-solid reasons why Kundan Jewellery is here to stay! 

The Epitome of Beauty 

From the deserts of Gujrat and Rajasthan straight through the roaring Mughal era, Kundan Jewellery has been a staple since time unknown. Being one of the oldest, almost ancient jewellery types, Kundan Meena jewellery today can almost be classified as a royal choice. Delicately decked with precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topaz, amethyst, jade, sapphire, and more- these spellbound beauties and their eccentric past is what made me chase Kundan Jewellery to begin with. As a jewellery designer, this very eclectic past made Kundan special for me. 

A Timeless Tradition 

Laced in elegance and deeply- rooted in the Indian heart, the skilled craftsmanship of the 16th century jewellers are what we see today in our Kundan jewellery collections. Artisans from old-age Rajasthan and Gujrat perfected this style of gem and stone infused with refined gold which is what we call ethnic in all its glory. Due to its royal nature, this famed handmade Kundan jewellery type surpassed not just boundaries but expectations too! I mean, just look at this intricately-crafted Kundan Agate set in green and gold work! Doesn’t it ooze elegance? 

A Versatile Classic 

Needless to say, if you’ve been searching for Kundan jewellery online, you must have come across a glamorous collection that is both versatile modern and traditional at the same time. As a jeweller, that’s the first thing I wanted Kundan to portray- the versatility of a certain type and the many ways it can be pulled off! I’m not just talking about varieties like Kundan maang tikkas, Kamar bandhs, payals, or armlets. I’m talking about how a single jewellery type can work wonders with your outfit! Kundan jewellery for weddings and kundan jewellery for casual parties are completely different- yet tied together by a signature style- the evergreen gold outline on an elegant gem! 

I can easily imagine myself showing up to a corporate party flaunting this marvellous Rope And Pearl Kundan set on a white tunic or maybe showing up at a friend’s wedding with this Charisma Quartz Choker Kundan set or better quenching my thirst for pearls with this spellbound Pearl Relish Kundan set with matching earrings on days when ethnic wear gets the better of me! 

A Cost-Effective Alternative 

A stunning jewellery wrapped around your neck and an empty wallet doesn’t really go together, does it? 

The thing I liked best about Kundan Jewellery is that you can get the same elegance, grandeur, and glamour but at half the price of original refined gold. While the cost of authentic Kundan jewellery may range from 50 thousand and 5 lakhs and maybe more, the cost-efficient alternative of it can be imitation Kundan jewellery, which is a great replacement for real gold! This surely does sound like a steal deal to me! 

A Bollywood Favourite 

I, for one, am a Bollywood fanatic. From the latest trends to the oldest of styles, I’ve seen B-town breeze through it all and when I see some of my favourite Bollywood baddies flaunting their wedding day look with Kundan jewellery, it makes my heart well up! From Kareena Kapoor to Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma and Shilpa Shetty- all of these divas took to traditional jewellery on their special day! 

Curious for Kundan? 

If you’ve learnt anything from my pointers above, by now you must have guessed why I chose Kundan as one of my top jewellery design choices! I mean, the elegance, the tradition, the beauty- all of these factors worked hand-in-hand for me which is mainly why I started Joules by Radhika, a platform where jewellery-enthusiasts like us could highlight the timeless jewellery styles of India with a dash of contemporary vibes, so that statement pieces, personally perfected by me could be a part of your party ensembles, no matter the occasion type. From graduation galas to engagement parties, weddings, and more- you’ll always find a jewel in Joules that fits your outfit like a puzzle piece! 

Still think our elders were wrong when they said old is gold? I say, well it literally is! From Aesthetics to Zeal and everything in between- Kundan Jewellery collections really has the A-Z of all your accessory needs intricately built in them!