Jewels by radhika online jewellery brand comes with quality, assurance of every products it sells.

1) What is ‘JBR Assured’?

“JBR Assured” is a seal of quality and trust. Our contemporary and western jewellery is best-known for its art, heritage and culture.

2) Why Should I buy ‘JBR Assured’ products?

Our specialization in traditional designer jewellery and semi-precious necklaces & earring makes us more popular among our buyers. Styles and designs are handpicked by our stylists.

  • Sourcing raw materials from India and various other countries and combining different form of art work in which they can be crafted into classic, charismatic and timeless designs Stringent Quality checks by manufacturers, our stylists & our warehouse partners.
  • Our stylists work in conjunction with manufacturer to ensure that manufactured product is as per design.
  • With each piece of necklace or earring crafted with the highest quality and precision, our collection of traditional designer jewellery exudes vogue and individuality.

3) What are ‘JBR Assured’ quality guidelines?

Our quality guidelines are tailored to different categories of ethnic products. Our quality team check the products to ensure:

  • Good quality raw material
  • Perfect finish
  • Each piece comes wrapped in bubble paper & carefully packed in a hard box

4) Do I have to pay extra for ‘JBR Assured’ products?

No, you do not have to pay anything extra for ‘JBR Assured’ products. These products are sold at best prices with absolutely no compromise on quality.