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Why Are Kundan Jewellery So Popular?

Why Are Kundan Jewellery So Popular?

You can tell a lot about a culture just by glancing at their historic accomplishments. And when we blend in victory and history- what’s the first thing us fashion aficionados can think of? Jewels, gems, and a rich lineage that made evergreen trends like Kundan jewellery a heirloom staple for us today. The pride of every Indian, Kundan jewellery has forever had a special place in our heart! 

Think weddings! Parties! Temple visits! You’ll never find a Kundan masterpiece that doesn’t go with your ensemble. Just look at how splendidly perfect this contemporary Kundan and agate beads necklace is. In fact, the surge in searches for Kundan jewellery online goes so steep during the wedding season that jewellery designers like us have a hard time playing around with the intricacies trying to mirror the brilliant craftmanship this jewellery is infamous for! But, have you ever wondered what makes this jewellery style oh so popular amongst us Indians? Why do we always handpick Kundan jewellery for auspicious events like weddings, temple visits, and such? 

Is it the enriching lineage she brings with herself or is it precision handiwork that makes Kundan bridal jewellery so very popular? We’ve been wondering that too, and turns out it’s an amalgamation of several reasons that work together to create this adorable craving we have for authentic Indian jewellery. So, if you’ve found yourself leaning towards jaw-dropping Kundan Bridal Jewellery sets online much like our Advaita, let us tell you why we think Kundan tops our jewellery list any day over other styles! 

The Priceless Past 

Did you know, Kundan was not born in India? Kundan, as we know today, is one of the most prized and sought after jewellery styles till this date. Kundan is also one of the oldest prides of India, made infamous by the royalties who embraced this style as their own. However, India back in the golden day used to be a melting pot for cultures with people from near and far believing in the power of sharing! Thus, a style that was brought to India centuries ago created a royal legacy of its own, flourishing throughout the Rajput and Mughal era! Now with a history so intoxicating, no wonder we Indians were fascinated with this jewellery style which to this date has the power to make you feel like the queen that you are! 

The Magnificent Making 

The uniqueness of this stunning jewellery style is what inspired its fame, with the intricate, precision patterns bedazzling Indians for centuries! The art of making Kundan is as intriguing as the finished results themselves! Often, ‘Kundan’ that stands for pure, refined gold can contain up to 24 Karat worth gold in itself carefully blended between precious or semi-precious stones that are cut, filed, polished and buffed to complete the aesthetics of the set! The precision work and the artisanal hands that create these masterpieces have been wowed for years and the passion that goes behind every piece is also one of the reasons why we heart Kundan so much! 

The Valiant Varieties 

You can never not be impressed with Kundan- that’s the kind of aura a drool-worthy jewellery style like Kundan possess. With a rich legacy that concreted the foundation for Kundan, a luxury nuzzled by royals once upon a time today comes in all shapes and sizes! From mixing contemporary for everyday earrings to replacing the all-gold tradition with Kundan imitation jewellery- designers like us have quite a gala time replicating the intense craftsmanship with a twist of our own. We mean, look how unique and different this Modern Regala and Enamel Presence Kundan sets are! Maybe the elegance and versatility paired with the ease with which one can pull off a Kundan jewellery is what made this style such a personal favourite for generations after generations. 

A Wholesome Tailored Experience 

There’s nothing like modern jewellery intertwined with traditional touches! Gone are the days when jewellery had to choose you, instead of you choosing jewellery! Today, you can handpick or better yet, personalize a jewellery set just the way you like it! Every jewellery lover has a different style of their own and Kundan fits right in- no matter what your style quotient is! We are talking woods, beads, pearls, swarovski stones, corals and more materials that scream YOU blended in evergreen Kundan! See how our Splendora blends pearls with Kundan so well! Now wouldn’t that make you want Kundan jewelleries all the more? 

The Age-Old Indian Heart Chooses Tradition Every time 

Have you seen some of the show-stealing Kundan bridal jewellery sets online like this gold and red silk thread set? You cannot just glimpse on the go! They are THAT eye-catchy! Needless to say, the Indian heart can never not be impressed with elegance laced in intricacy which is exactly what Kundan jewelllery has been serving us time after time! Hence, at the end of the day, if you ask us ‘why are Kundan jewellery popular?’ We can always give you all the above reasons we cited or we can sum up the passion and emotion just by saying ‘because it’s an Indian legacy that we just can’t get enough of!’