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Temple Jewellery and its Tradition in India

Temple Jewellery and its Tradition in India

Gold ornaments are treated as an exclamation of the inner gleam and sobriety that constitute the essence of our feminine aura. What I mean to say is, gold ornaments make us stand out. These ornaments are the sheer icing on the cake that lets us celebrate the treasure that we hold underneath. A ravishing piece is bound to make your feel royal So, when you prefer to add a dash of vintage charm and mesmerising appeal to your outfits, temple jewellery fits the context quite well. 

Think “temple Jewellery” sounds like something you haven’t heard before? 
Well, allow me to acquaint you with the quintessence of this rare form of jewellery which has been an inseparable and staple part of the glorious Indian traditions. It represents a rare class of ethnic jewellery sets that you can find in the forms of deities, engraved in a majestic format. Essentially, they are studded with precious gems and stones. A perfect compilation of the pureness of substance ( pure gold) and the subtlety of artistic enactment of the artisan’s creative vision is what compels you to be engrossed with the mystic tone of this work of art. I mean, just take a look at our Golden Girl  hand-carved with elegant hydro rubies and glimmering emeralds. 

The inception of temple Jewellery 

As the historical annals record it, temple jewellery is supposed to originate in the early part of the 9th century. To be precise, the aesthetically pleasing art work made their appearance in the prosperous period of the famed Chola dynasty. During those days, people used the art of temple jewellery to embroider the deity, whom they used to worship. The ensemble, crafted in those days, brings out a vintage touch and soul-stirring visual impressions, which are the outcome of the creative spark and craftsmanship of the artisans. When we look at the enriched lineage of temple jewellery, we come across chokers, rings, temple earrings, cascading earrings, Kundan jewellery, temple necklaces, bangles etc. 

All these years as an ace jewellery designer, I have worked with countless women of integrity. I have seen essentially some of them were sceptical in trying out temple jewelleries. However, after one or two trials, they fell in love with the individuality of these sets. While talking about the elegance of the jewellery sets, I would call your attention to the Divine Decadence. It is a resplendent piece to own, showing the perfect compilation of gold jute threads with a pendant necklace. At the same time, we have a very special collection which is like an ode your finite charm. Consider taking a look at the Queen Royale. It is a simple yet majestic gold carved temple pendant along with a silk thread necklace. These two designs look impeccable with both traditional and modern attire. The finesse, which you can divulge in them, is characterised by luxury and gold smithing mastery. 

Ethnic jewellery has been a dominant trend in the southern part of India. These are jewellery designs which are based on the forms of various deities. It’s the detailed design which is behind the grand fame of these traditional jewellery forms. It is a prominent trend in the gold market even these days. If you care to search for imitation temple jewellery online, you will come across astounding varieties of this jewellery in the virtual marketplaces. 

Variations of temple jewellery 

Apart from preserving an elevated lineage of age-old traditions, temple jewellery sets offer you a wide assortment of jewellery designs that add to the inherent grace and enigma of women. Wearing a temple necklace or earrings in any gathering or an important meeting, you can raise eyebrows. 

Temple accessories merge well with traditional attire as well as modern or ultra-modern outfits. The design is original and chaste. So, you can rope in a regal essence in your feminine charm that flows like a cascade and weaves an ornate spell. 

Ways to unleash your persona with temple jewellery 

Be it the workplace or a party, you can be the showstopper as you flaunt your panache accentuating your innate fervour with these sophisticated style statements. In given situations, temple jewellery sets would be the best way to amp up the warmth that you seek to embrace during your festive and joyous moments. 

  • Weddings: With an evolving inventory of designs as well as style quotient, temple jewellery sets can help you spruce up your looks. If you are planning to attend a big fat Indian wedding and leave your admirers awestruck, then simply flaunt bespoke necklaces, scarf necklaces, temple earrings and Maang Tikka. 
  • Combo of an indo-western enigma: The best part of these jewellery sets is that you are entitled with the leverage of combining them with western attire as well. You will be surprised to know that they do not look out of place. If you are sporting a kurta along with jeans trousers or leggings, you will be advised to wear small ornaments such as earrings. 
  • Teaming up temple jewellery with formal attire: If you are wearing a saree or a completely formal attire in a business environment, you can look cool with proper selection of temple necklaces, earrings as well as bangles. 

Now that you have been acquainted with the various aspects of temple jewellery sets, you can think of embracing this spiritual heritage in your life. Once you have it inside your closet, it will be your most precious possession for years to come. If we have been able to catch up with your attention through this post, we would implore you to give a quick look at the amazing inventory of Kundan jewellery set online which we have here in store for you. Check them out and choose your pick.