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Kundan Jewellery – The Most Ancient Jewels of India

Kundan Jewellery – The Most Ancient Jewels of India

Carrying on the historic lineage of our ancestors and royalties, today Kundan Jewellery is much more to us than just a fine statement piece to complement an ensemble. From one jewellery lover to another, I have been appalled by the intricacy, craftsmanship, and creativity that went into these jewellery designs, which is one of the primary factors that egged me on when I started designing these masterpieces for the women of today! 

Favoured by our royalties and a burning torch to the history of Indian jewellery in all it’s glory- Kundan Jewellery today can be considered one of the most ancient jewels of India, perfected by our ancestors. I have always found traditional India intriguing, which is why I’d like to take you on a rollercoaster ride way back to the origin of these eccentric jewellery styles. 

Buckle up!! 

What is Kundan Jewellery? 

We can’t possibly talk about a jewellery style without knowing what it actually is! For someone who has been engrossed by Kundan Jewellery for the better part of her life, this certainly is going to be a fun bit for me- introducing Kundan in a brand new light! You see, Kundan Jewellery is the embodiment of purity, the word ‘Kundan’ itself meaning refined gold! These jewellery types usually come with 24K pure gold, crafted with a core of wax. But pure 24K gold is too soft to be shaped into a brilliant jewellery piece which is why only the Jadayi part is crafted in pure gold. This is also why the art of making Kundan Jewellery can also be popularly called Jadau jewellery! 

The ‘K’reation of Kundan 

Bringing a rich legacy of 2500+ years and maybe more- Kundan Jewellery is today a staple family heirloom often found in our mother’s Kundan bridal Jewellery sets! But, Kundan wasn’t always this popular! Stemming back to the Rajput and Mughal era, this jewellery style was brought to India many a century ago. It was under the patronage of the Mughals did this jewellery style flourish! The Mughals have always been an advocate of the finer things in life- some of their creative juices today reflects in the marvellous architectures left behind! From poetry to paintings, ‘royal’ was not just a word to describe beauty- it was a feeling! So, needless to say, when the royals discovered Kundan Jewellery style, it was immediately embraced by the royal women of the Mughal Era and Kundan was considered a delicacy that only women of the highest statures could enjoy. 

In fact, the distinctness of this jewellery can still be found in the artisan pieces of today- the intricate designs, the gold-crusted gems, the patterns etched- all mirroring the elegance that fits a royalty! 

An Ever-evolving Gift to Mankind 

Kundan Jewellery, back in the Mughal days, had a significance so strong and appealing, that commoners never dreamt of owning one in their life! The inept details and the immaculate designs- all were deemed worthy for the royals! However, to me, the modern women of today are no less than the royals and thus, it was Kundan makers like us who believed an empowering woman should never be deprived of such an intoxicating fine lineage! Thus, Kundan jewellery today has evolved, from pure gold and ravishing intricacies for the glowing brides to silver copies and imitation jewellery that are both intriguing yet budget-friendly! What once used to be a bridal staple is now branching out, blending in with the modern needs of women! For instance, imagine this Jazzy Jade Kundan Style Neckpiece with an eclectic pairing of red or yellow jazzing up your engagement party look! Want something a little more liberating- a little more party-chic? This Glimmer and Gleam set of Kundan necklace and earring would definitely make you a head-turner at the party! 

A Cultural Tradition 

If you can hear wedding bells near you, you must have noticed a hype about certain bridal jewellery kinds! You can mix and match your jewellery collection based on the look and theme of your wedding, but you will most definitely always find a traditional Kundan set in the mix! Originally made heavy, todays Kundan bridal jewellery sets are quite lightweight and flexible, but that’s not the only reason why this ancient jewel of India makes it to the top of your bridal jewellery list! It’s the opulence, the pattern, and the sheer gracefulness this jewellery carries that makes it such an irreplaceable cultural tradition in Indian weddings! 

Kundan Jewellery, like I said earlier, has evolved majorly! What used to be pure gold and nothing else, today has been simmered down so that women can not only embrace this jewellery style but also make it a part of their gala outfits! This is probably why jewellery designers like me are bringing brands like Joules by Radhika closer to people whose passion for jewellery runs as deep as ours!