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All You Need to Know About Bangles and How to Style Them

All You Need to Know About Bangles and How to Style Them

To an Indian heart, our ethnicity and ornaments form an integral part of what we call heritage. The enriched legacy of gold ornaments remain as bountiful as ever, especially when it comes to heirloom classics, like a kamarbandh or maybe, a bangle! Now bangles, have always been fascinating to me and as a jewellery designer I’ve come across quite a range of styles, every single one of them as enchanting as they come! 

To married women, wearing bangles hold a remark-worthy meaning as it’s a sign for her suhaag. This intimate bonding blending in with the richness of Indian legacy is what prompted me to create ornaments in the first place. Bangles are still as adored and loved as they were millennial years ago by women. These precious pieces give your attire an enthralling charm and a look you always fantasized about. The dazzling designs attach a marvelous and alluring persona to your entire look be it bridal, party, or other inherited ceremonies and festivity that India is known for. 

Now, since we are talking bangles and the tradition it beholds, let me take you back to the days in early civilizations when our prominent culture first encountered this beautiful accessory- 

Ancient Indian history of bangles, bracelets, and their significance in society. 

The popular and loved bangles are noted as the first instance of accessory worn by women back in Harappa civilization. There are other shreds of evidence of bangles made of stone discovered in Siberia around 40,000 years ago. Truly astonishing right? 

A women’s love for ornaments is indescribable when it comes to words. We ladies look for ceremonies and parties to escalate our jewelry closet. But today, we are keeping everything aside to talk about only one accessory- BANGLES! 

Now there are several intricate designs of bangles and bracelets that changed according to trends, keeping in mind the comfort of our pretty ladies. Various bangle types over the years changed from antique bangles, detachable bangles, and Kundan bangles to hollow form, stone stacked, meenakari and more. 

How to Choose a Bangle Based on the Occasion? 

India is infamous for its festivities and occasions. Be it temple visits or grandiloquent parties, we don’t shy away from flaunting some bling! So here goes a quick guide to styling your occasions right- 

Terrific Temple Bangles 

  • We have an endless heritage of temples and spiritual places. If you’re looking for something that would be perfect for temple visit occasions and fond of precious gold detailing, DEAR ADITRI is the right choice for you. It has a perfect gold micron finish with gorgeous white pearl. There is no better combination than silk thread work and Kundan, 
  • And if you have your heart set on Kundan, ARUSHI is the one for you. This soothing masterpiece is made of exquisite meenakari gold and hydro Kundan Polki handiwork with elegant red silk thread work. Isn’t it a perfect bracelet for sangeet and receptions? 

Perfect Party Collection 

  • We prefer wearing Indo-western outfits at parties. On these occasions, MUKTI is a great preference. It is a perfect blend of beauty, grace, and minimalism. Mukti’s designer fluoride tumble and gold-plated carved beads augment the aesthetics of the whole attire keeping it minimalist yet alluring. 
  • ROOP is yet another breathtaking masterpiece that would looks elegant worn with Rajputi Poshak. It resembles a staple that you might have seen in your family heirloom. Roop is an elegant red silk thread bracelet with gold plated beads. It is specially designed to give a royal demeanor to your attire. 

Keeping it Simple 

Some women prefer effortlessly chic and lightweight accessories over heavy outfits and make-up and for those pretty ladies, YANI is an exceptional choice. The intricately precision handiwork fashioned out of elegant meenakari gold with Kundan work is glimmering with white shell pearls. 

Love Kundan To The Core? 

A women’s love for Kundan is immeasurable. There are various options for Kundan attached bangles available like 

  • NIGHTSTAR, a Kundan Polki gold bracelet with glimmering pair of glazed agate beads with vibrant colors that adds to the intricate design on this beautiful piece, –TAAHIRA, a beautiful minakari gold bracelet in hydro Kundan Polki handiwork with red agate beads and white shell pearls. 

How to Style Bangles? 

Now that we know our occasions well, let us take a walk down the ensemble path, with a little tit-bit on how to pair your bangles- style to style, outfit to outfit! 

  1. A single Kada/ bracelet: a Kada is a single large bangle that adds charm to your wrist all alone. Kadas can be of gold, minakari, Kundan, stones, etc. Kadas are usually free sized with detachable ends. Now this usually goes with anything you wear including a saree, casual look, suit, Kurtis, etc. For instance, THE AAGAM is a deluxe gold-plated carved temple bangle with hydro rubies while the ADIA, blends hydro Kundan Polki gold bracelet with contemporary white shell pearls, pink agate beads, and red hydro ruby carvings. This single bracelet curls up your wrist like a dream. 
  1. Pair bangles: Imagine, paired bangles gorgeously embedded with stones and gold beads- a must-haves in a women’s bangle collection, isn’t it? Now imagine, a pair of antique design gold bangles much like our ANMOL BAHAR, an exquisite gold-plated carved bangle. THE AMVI is another masterpiece that can be preferred for a paired bangle. 
  1. Kundan bracelet: Is it possible to complete your bangle collection without a Kundan bracelet or bangle set? We think, NOT. Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry. Apart from adding a royal look to your attire, it is also perfect for wedding outfits and temple visits alike. Just take a look at SAIRA, adorned in traditional hydro Kundan Polki work on amethyst beads. These bracelets can be worn on small festivals and pooja’s with Kurtis or saree. 

Tangled with Bangles 

Needless to say, the ethereal Indian beauty is intimately tangled with bangles, an evergreen addition to the accessories we love! With diversity being more frequent and styles cross-connecting with events, in today’s world, adding an extra charm is as simple as that- pair your outfit with a gorgeous bangle set and get ready to steal the spotlight, ladies!